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LifeMap™ Method

The LifeMap™ Method

The LifeMap™ process was designed by Million Dollar Life Coach, Marla Tabaka, to specifically help people overcome business and life challenges and identify and achieve their goals and dreams. Life Coach Marla has coached countless entrepreneurs to the ultimate success and has documented their most significant challenges, as well as the solutions that work. But no one solution is right for every person or situation. We are all unique human beings with unique challenges and goals and the LifeMap™ process recognizes that. Coaching with Marla, and utilizing the LifeMap™ process, will give you the opportunity to identify solutions that work for YOU.

Together with Your Life Coach, you will create YOUR LifeMap™

You will…

  • Clarify Your Direction – Do you feel so overwhelmed or confused that you don’t know what to do next? Once you have a clear plan and the accountability and support to follow that plan you will no longer feel overwhelmed or confused.
  • Strategize Your Actions – We will work together to create a very specific plan so you’ll always know what you need to be doing. This plan is a tool used to measure success.
  • Upgrade Your Skills – If you struggle with leadership, communication, or influence skills, you may wish to upgrade your skill set. We will create a plan and work together to bring new knowledge and increased skills into your life.
  • Optimize Your Environment – Sometimes our environment doesn’t support our goals and serve our best interests. We will explore your personal and work environment and determine how it can be more in harmony with you and a successful future. This is critical to success!
  • Become the World’s Leading Expert on YOU!- Do you have fears about things like success, public speaking, working too hard, not hard enough? Coaching is a safe environment to explore these fears and learn techniques that will take you soaring to new levels. To achieve ultimate success and joy, it’s critical to shift negative thinking and replace your limiting beliefs with empowering, feelings of self-love and acceptance.

Are you ready to make it happen? Contact Marla to arrange a complimentary interview so you can find out!

Together with Your Life Coach you will…

  • Create Your LifeMap to success with your life and business vision.
  • Identify your inner-values and shape your life and business to reflect them.
  • Break through the limiting beliefs about you and your business. What’s stopping you from becoming your greatest self?
  • Learn how your business can leverage technology and social media to build a client base and increase sales.
  • Explore your unique strengths and abilities as a businessperson, identifying areas for leverage and competitive advantage.
  • Learn to create focus, increase productivity, and delegate-even on the tightest budget.
  • Manage and control your business and keep it from controlling you.
  • Get clear on your niche (or niches) – Who are your clients? Who do you serve? A clear niche is a direct path to profits.
  • Identify what unique products and services you offer and how this sets you apart from your competition.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other business owners to increase visibility and sales.
  • Develop your marketing strategy and budget.
  • Develop a concrete business action plan for each level of success.

If you wish to grow your life and business, embark on your life coaching experience now. Contact Marla to arrange your complimentary 20-minute life coach interview. It’s never too soon and it’s never too late.

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