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How Do I Know When It’s Time to Leave My Job?

So you want to become an entrepreneur, do you? It’s important enough to you that you’re willing to leave your full time job, possibly a nice benefits package, and the daily routine all behind. Let me guess. It’s about freedom. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, and to make all the money that you desire. The freedom to work at the nearest coffee shop (as I am now) and to take the kids to school and be there when they get home. The freedom to help others in your own way and make a difference in the world. That’s what it boils down to for most entrepreneurs, and yes, it can be like that – but you may also be leaving a job to create a job with no benefits, lower pay, and more hours than you’ve ever worked in your life. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to The Million Dollar Mindset Blog

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Your thoughts are a beacon to the world. Thoughts are energy and your energy is apparent to those around you through your actions, words, mannerisms, tonality, and more. Your thoughts shape your mood, and therefore your actions. People “tune into” your energy’s frequency and feel connected to you – or not. You see, if your thoughts are largely negative, you will attract like-minded people and find yourself surrounded by negativity. The good news is that when you shift your thinking to a positive direction, you will attract people who are also positive-minded and your world will become an empowering environment.

In this, the first official Million Dollar Mindset Blog I would like to tell you about some of the events in my life that have led me to feeling compelled to define and live the Million Dollar Mindset and to teach and share it with others.

Thirteen years ago, my husband passed away. My children were only eight years old at the time.  In addition to the pain and grief, there were more tangible issues to deal with.  I no longer had financial security – I certainly didn’t expect to be a widow at such a young age. Yet, deep down inside, I knew that my children, my finances, and our future would all be just fine.

Looking back at this experience, I marvel at the people I attracted into my life. I became close friends with a woman who was studying to become a social worker and had so many valuable insights and connections for me. I met another woman and her 3-year-old son who had nowhere to live after her abusive marriage ended. She moved in and took care of my children while I commuted to and from the city for work each day. Soon after my husband’s death, I quickly began earning promotions with hefty raises at work. And three years later, when I felt ready to explore the world of dating, I attracted the support of two wonderful male co-workers who became good friends and encouraged me through my dating experiences, physical changes, and the guilt I felt for “cheating on my husband” (even though he was gone). They were like big brothers who watched over me and supported me through a difficult, yet exciting, process.

I know that all of these amazing people came into my life because of that little thought in the back of my mind that said everything would be just fine. I also know that my positive mindset has been reinforced by this experience and has grown from a tiny beam of light into a bright and shining beacon that lights my way from one wonderful experience to the next. Some call this faith; some call it the power of positive thinking, some call it luck. Whatever you’d like to call it, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that it’s truly amazing.

As another amazing example, I will share this story: Twelve years ago, the daughter of a close friend was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. She was only eleven at the time. Over about two month’s time, she quickly deteriorated and was placed on a respirator, only to be removed from it days later to “allow her to go.” Fortunately, her father was a camera operator for a major television station and had friends and peers around the world. He sought support from these people and, as a result, positive, healing thoughts were sent to his young child from all corners of the world. Whether in form of prayer, wishful thinking, or encouragement, hundreds of people kept this child in their thoughts. The story was even reported at the end of a number of newscasts around the country, asking viewers to send their positive thoughts to support the family and their dying child. Although the doctors gave her no chance of living, today this young lady is 23 years old, totally free of cancer and living a full and healthy life. Can you believe that the power of so many people joining in healing thoughts gave this young child another chance at life? I do.

I’ve also witnessed many clients shift their thoughts from fear-mode into a positive, forward-thinking attitude and turn their businesses around very quickly. In one case, my client went from little more than breaking even for seven years to millions in less than a year. All because of a simple shift in thought that opened her mind to endless possibilities and gave her the courage to pursue those possibilities.

So why do I call the positive thought process the Million Dollar Mindset? Because money is a measurement of success in our culture and positive thinking breeds success. I know from experience that owning your thoughts and shifting them into positive, empowering nuggets of energy makes anything possible.

So how is the Million Dollar Mindset achieved? I know I’m making it sound so easy. That’s the ironic part; it doesn’t always have to be difficult. My intent for this blog is to introduce you to simple, yet highly effective exercises to help you shift your thoughts when you find yourself in a negative place. I will also offer success stories and examples of challenges that I’ve seen people experience along their path. Watch for business tips, life tips, and questions from readers that I will do my best to answer. Join me here in a space that is open to your thoughts, words of wisdom, and questions.

Thank you for joining me on the Million $ Mindset blogspace! I look forward to sharing and learning with you.