This is For You Overwhelmed Control Freakazoids! The Art of Letting Go

Did I make that word up? Freak-a-zoid. OK, I did, but it seems fitting. I often hear overwhelmed entrepreneurs call themselves control freaks (as though that’s a good thing). They take pride in having their hand in everything, if not doing it all themselves. There are only two outcomes when a small business owner (I say…

business coach relationship

3 Surprising Things Your Business Coach Wants You to Do

I’ve had more than my share of clients call in at session time and say, “I don’t know what to talk about today.” My reply? “Awesome! It’s going to be an amazing session.” Since people often misconstrue business coaching as an accountability pact with a second person, it’s understandable that a client may feel compelled to bring…


5 Harmful Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves (and how to stop doing it)

Stop the self-sabotage! Once you accept the truth behind the value and worth of your services, prospects will pay more–much more. You’re an expert. In the most rudimentary language, this means that you know more about your topic than the average person, especially your target market. It also means that the sharing of your expertise will help…